Friday, 9 December 2011

Applications of light reflection in everyday life

1. Rear-view and side mirrors of cars.
   - These mirror help driver see the exact traffic situation behind them. Vehicles   approaching can be seen clearly. 

2. Reflector mirror at a sharp bend of a road.
    - This curved mirror helps the drivers see around sharp bends to prevent accidental collisions with oncoming cars

3. Dental mirror
    - A dentist uses special mirrors to examine a patient's teeth

4.  Mirrors at a barber's.
     - A barber has mirrors so that his customers can look at themselves after their haircuts.

5. Periscope
    - Periscopes are design based on the principle of light reflection. They used in submarines to observe object outside the submarines.

6. Kaleidoscope
    - A kaleidoscope is made up of three plane mirrors. Beautiful patterns are formed when light from small, multi-coloured object inside is reflected by the mirrors.

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