Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Magical Hand Shadows Show

Test Yourself

1. How can you prove that light travels in straight lines?

2. If you stand in a football field in the morning, what is the characteristic of your shadow?

3. Wayang kulit is a shadow puppet play? How is this performed?


Experiment: to investigate the factor that produce the shape of a shadow

What Do You Need?
Mug, torch, white screen. pencil

What Do You Do?
1. Use a coffee mug as the object
2. Align a torch with the coffee mug.
3. Draw the shape of the shadow produced on the screen.
4. Then, tilt the coffee mug so that it rest on its side and its handle faces upwords.
5. Draw the shape of the shadow produce on the screen.
6. Then turn the coffee nug so that its mouth faces the screen and its bottom faces the torch
7. Shine the torch on the bottom of the coffee mug.
8. Draw the shape of the shadow.

What Do You Find?
The shape of the shadow changes with the changes of the possition of the object and the source of light.

What Do You Conclude?
The shape of a shadow depends on the position of the source of the light and the position of the object.