Friday, 9 December 2011

Light can be reflected

1. Reflection of light occurs light rays hit the surface of an opaque or translucent object and bounce off the surface.
2. A ball  bouncing on the ground is an analogy of light reflecting off the surface of an object.

3. Reflection of light enables us to look at objects.
4. Whe light is reflected, its direction also changes.
5. When you look in amirror, you see your image in the mirror.
     a) The light from a light source travels in straight lines and fall on you.
     b) This light is reflected off you and onto the mirror. Your image is formed in the mirror.
     c) The mirror then reflects the image into yuot eyes.
6. The images formed in a mirror are
     - upright
     - the same size as the object
     - laterally inverted

a) reflection of light in a mirror

b) formation of image in a mirror

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